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Posted June 29, 2020

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Applied NAPL Science Review
Natural Source Zone Depletion Screening Methodologies

Editor: Lisa Reyenga, PE

ANSR Scientific Advisory Board
J. Michael Hawthorne, PG, Board Chairman, GEI Consultants, Inc
Andrew J. Kirkman, PE, BP Corporation North America
Robert Frank, RG, Jacobs
Paul Cho, PG, CA Regional Water Quality Control Board-LA
Randy St. Germain, Dakota Technologies, Inc.
Dr. Terrence Johnson, USEPA
Stephen S. Boynton, PE, LSP, Subsurface Env. Solutions, LLC
Dr. Randall Charbeneau, PE, University of Texas
Mark Lyverse, PG, Chevron Energy Technology Company
Brent Stafford, Shell Oil Co.

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Natural Source Zone Depletion Screening Methodologies
Lisa Reyenga
GEI Consultants, Inc.

Andrew Kirkman, PE
BP Corporation North America

Natural Source Zone Depletion (NSZD) is the collective natural processes that reduce the mass, saturation, and mobility of light non-aqueous phase liquid (LNAPL) in the subsurface. These processes include volatilization, dissolution, and biodegradation. NSZD of the LNAPL begins from the moment the release occurs and understanding it is a critic…

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