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Posted November 18, 2022

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Applied NAPL Science Review
Addressing PFAS Contamination in Aquatic Sediments
Editor: Lisa Reyenga, PE

ANSR Scientific Advisory Board
J. Michael Hawthorne, PG, Board Chairman, GEI Consultants, Inc.
Andrew J. Kirkman, PE, BP Corporation North America
Robert Frank, RG, Jacobs
Paul Cho, PG, CA Regional Water Quality Control Board-LA
Randy St. Germain, Dakota Technologies, Inc.
Dr. Terrence Johnson, USEPA
Brent Stafford, Shell Oil Co.
Douglas Blue, Ph.D., Imperial Oil Environmental & Property Solutions (Retired)
Natasha Sihota, Ph.D., Chevron
Kyle Waldron, Marathon Petroleum
Danny D. Reible, Professor at Texas Tech University
Reeti Doshi, National Grid
Mahsa, Shayan, Ph.D., PE, AECOM Technical Services

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Addressing PFAS Contamination in Aquatic Sediments

Kendrick Jaglal, P.E.
When PFAS emerged as a contaminant of concern, the focus was initially on drinking water, soil and then groundwater. With sediment being the eventual sink for most anthropogenic chemicals, sediment began to receive increasing attention and many related questions started to arise. One key ob…

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