Board of Directors

Michael Hawthorne, P.G.
Editor of ANSR and Consultant and VP for GEI Consultants, Inc., spent much of 2010 thinking about an online NAPL journal and collaborating with friends and colleagues, in particular Andrew Kirkman. Ultimately, Mike decided that he wanted an electronic journal that was delivered freely all over the world, which focused on leading edge practical NAPL tools and concepts, was short and highly graphical in nature, and was written in plain English to maximize understanding and usefulness. In January of 2011, he wrote and published the first issue of Applied NAPL Science Review (ANSR). Over the next several months the ANSR Review Board came together with an exceptional and diverse group of NAPL experts from regulatory agencies, industry, academia, and consulting. Since that time ANSR has grown with readers from all 50 United States and from countries around the globe.

Andrew J. Kirkman, P.E.
Andrew is a Senior Scientist and Subject Matter Expert in hydrogeology and LNAPL mechanics at BP Corporation North America in Chicago, IL. He specializes in providing improved site conceptual models and strategies for remediation sites. He is knowledgeable in hydrogeology, multiphase fluid flow, fluid mechanics, subsurface environmental investigations, and remediation of petroleum products. Andrew fosters continued learning of LNAPL science through journal article submissions, advocacy, and conference presentations and workshops. Andrew and Mike Hawthorne collaborated on the initial development of a LNAPL Science Review publication as they recognized the need to distribute recent journal articles and spread the understanding and methodology to the broader industry.

Robert J. Frank, R.G.
Robert is a Principal Hydrogeologist at Jacobs in Tempe, AZ. Robert is a registered geologist in Arizona with over 25 years of experience. He has expertise in the fate and transport of organic and multiphase component contaminants in both the saturated and unsaturated zone, with an emphasis on NAPL distribution, mobility, and recoverability. In 2014, he became a part of the technical review team to help bring the ANSR articles to the public.

Paul Cho
Paul works at the California Regional Water Quality Control Board in Los Angeles and has regulatory experience in solid waste disposal facilities construction, closure and environmental programs, and environmental enforcement for oil refineries and terminals. In 2013, Paul became a member of the ANSR Scientific Review Board while working with other LNAPL specialists related to LNAPL transmissivity as a metric for tracking LNAPL recovery progress.

Randy St. Germain
Randy is President of Dakota Technologies, Inc, in Fargo, North Dakota. He and his colleagues at Dakota have developed a continually improving series of direct push deployable site characterization systems for high-definition delineation of petroleum, coal tar, and creosote NAPL in the subsurface. From research field trials in 1992 at Tinker AFB, subsequent commercialization of the ROST, UVOST, TarGOST and the Dye-LIF system for chlorinated DNAPL, Randy has spent the last 25 years “chasing NAPL” with LIF. He got involved with ANSR in 2011 when Mike Hawthorne invited him to write a laser-induced fluorescence primer, and was invited to become a board member in 2014.

Dr. Terrence Johnson
Terrence works at US EPA office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response/ Technology Innovation and Field Services Division/ Environmental Response Team in Las Vegas, NV. Terrence is experienced in groundwater and multiphase flow, and contaminant transport modeling, and the fate, interactions, assessment and clean-up of LNAPLs and DNAPLs and their dissolved plumes in soils and groundwater. His specialties include emergency response, groundwater flow and contaminant transport modeling, and interactions of LNAPL and DNAPLs in the subsurface.

Brent Stafford
Brent is an Environmental Engineer and Hydrogeologist for Shell Oil Co. Brent’s roles with Shell include: Technical Lead for emerging contaminants risk management-Americas, Technical Lead for soil and groundwater risk assessment of fuel products, Technical advisor on CERCLA sites, and Soil and Groundwater R&D Program Lead. To ANSR, Brent brings research and oil and gas industry experience with NAPL source zone generation, NAPL dissolution, and sheen and ebullition management.

Emeritus Board Members

Mark Adamski, P.G.
Mark is the Lead Petroleum Systems Geologist at Statoil in Houston, Texas. Currently he models basin evolution and oil migration for oil exploration projects. While working environmental projects he specializes in hydrogeology, site characterization, contaminant transport modeling, LNAPL assessment modeling, and recovery.

Mark W. Malander (Retired)
Mark was a Project Development Technical Advisor for ExxonMobil Environmental Services Company in Houston, Texas. He was responsible for assessing, cleaning, and divesting idled properties, doing site specific soil and ground water advocacy, and developing risk management tools and strategies for the company. In his role on the ANSR board, he brought a more technical advocacy component to the review.

Dennis Helsel, Ph.D.
Dennis is a consultant and trainer on statistical methods for environmental and natural resource scientists through his firm, Practical Stats. Dennis has authored three textbooks, has been published in a variety of journals, and has conducted numerous webinars, seminars, and courses on topics within environmental statistics. As associate director of ANSR, he applies multivariable statistics techniques to LNAPL and other groundwater chemistry investigations.

Stephen Boynton, P.E., LSP
Stephen is the president of Subsurface Environmental Solutions, LLC. He is a Massachusetts Licensed Hazardous Waste Site Professional (LSP) and provides site assessment, remediation, and environmental strategy services. He specializes in LNAPL Mass, Mobility and Recoverability evaluations, and is an expert in application of ex-situ fluorescence technology for expedited LNAPL assessment. Mr. Boynton also teaches continuing education courses for LNAPL management, 2D and 3D environmental data visualization, and application of fluorescence technologies to LNAPL assessment.


Lisa Reyenga, P.E.
Lisa is a Senior Engineer with GEI Consultants, Inc. in Denver, CO. She specializes in site characterization, conceptual model development, and developing strategies to advance remediation sites to closure. She has a particular interest in NAPL science to understand NAPL distribution, mobility, recoverability, and degradation and inform risk-based evaluations. She is experienced in assessment and remediation of LNAPLs and DNAPLs in both upland and sediment environments. Lisa has authored multiple articles for ANSR and is currently the ANSR editor.